I’m a determined person that doesn't let life’s obstacles stop me from doing what I want to do. I love the outdoors and nature and have discovered the joys of photography.

The obstacle I have is Cerebral Palsy, I have very limited motor control and use of my muscles, I’m unable to do handheld photography. With the help of my business mentor, we have worked together to develop a system that allows me to attach a professional class Nikon DSLR camera and wireless Speedlight to my wheelchair. Using “Live View” and a wireless remote shutter release I now have more freedom and flexibility in creating the images I see. This includes doing event photography of protests at the California State Capitol in Sacramento, to landscapes, to architectural, to macro-photography of local wild flowers.

I would like you to see into my world, not as a man with a disability, but as a man who sees beauty everywhere. Who has the skill and determination to make compelling images. I hope you enjoy my photographs.